A Tapestry for Europe

Panels in development

Visual design of The Tapestry for Europe

This Community Art project aims to involve as many people as possible through creativity, creating a clear visual narrative that includes a diverse range of themes and stories, from the personal to the epic. The design of the underlining structure is very important so it that gives a consistent framework and direction to the artwork. The Tapestry for Europe structure is designed to create a clear narrative starting with a map of Europe and hands stitching it, then a panel that shows a contemporary stitcher’s hand stitching a hand print from the caves at Chauvet from 32,000 years ago. Then the tapestry builds up with visual images with a timeline that are distinctly European. The boxes around each image will be filled with stories, ideas, images from the stitchers, these will also inform the main images too. This complex story builds up to the final panel which will reflect a much more complex and divergence Europe of today.